Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow + Cream Shadow Brush

splurge cream shadow.jpg

Splurge Cream Shadow and the cream shadow brush are new from Younique on March 1 2015! As much as I love the Younique mineral pigment powders and palettes, sometimes you need a nice, soft cream eye shadow.

This eye shadow is amazing! I usually don’t trust creams, but this one is different. It’s shimmery, but it goes on really smoothly and dries to a velvety powder finish that resists creasing. Using the Younique Eye Primer underneath helps it stay even longer.

The new cream eye shadow brush designed for this shadow is perfect! The consistency of the shadow is bouncy, almost like a gel or mousse, and the brush is just flexible enough to glide over the lids, leaving a very even layer quickly, with very little effort. You barely need to have any shadow on the brush to get smooth coverage, so I can tell it is going to last me a really long time (even though I wear it almost every day). I love it and definitely recommend it!

Below is a quick review video and a swatch video.

Click here to see all the colours!





9 thoughts on “Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow + Cream Shadow Brush

  1. Maeghan says:

    Reblogged this on lovemakeuplovelife and commented:

    I added my own personal review about the new Younique Cream Eye Shadow and Cream Shadow brush. I love it! I posted a picture of what it looked like before a 10-hour shift at work, during work, and at the end of the night (a 12-hour period in total). I can’t believe how long it lasted without creasing like crazy or transferring to other parts of my eye!


    • Maeghan says:

      Thank you! I don’t notice any glitter fall out throughout the day. If I’m tired and I rub my eyes by mistake, it does spread a lot of glitter! But as for wearing it all day, I haven’t had any glitter fall out! 🙂


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