My first Younique promotion: Yellow!

I have such exciting news! I just hit Yellow status, which is the first promotion you can get from Younique! It means that I now make 25% in commission, which is a raise from 20%, and now I’ll always make at least 25% – it never goes back to 20%! I had to sell $1000 in PRS to get this promotion, and it took me less than 2 months.

yellowThe next incentive I’m going for is my Younique Fast Start! When I reach Fast Start, I’ll get $300 in Y-cash (store credit), and I’ll get a Fast Start charm in the mail – plus my White and Yellow charms 🙂 I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with the $300 credit when I get it… Should I buy some stuff for myself or use it for my business? I’ll probably end up doing both!

To get Fast Start, you need $2000 in PRS and 3 recruits within your first 90 days of being a Younique presenter. It’s not necessary to achieve Fast Start, it’s kind of a bonus, but it’s been proven that people who experience early success tend to continue to be successful and build their businesses in the long term. That’s why Younique offers an incentive for building your business early on.

I am well on my way to Fast Start! My deadline is April 11 – I think I can definitely make it!





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