Why You Should Be Curling Your Eyelashes

Ahh, the eyelash curler. It looks like a strange, scissor-like torture device, and baffles men who don’t know what it’s used for. It seems to have fallen out of favour in the beauty world recently, but I don’t understand why. My eyelash curler is one of the most important parts of my beauty routine!

I don’t curl my lashes every day, because sometimes I’m in a hurry and I forget. Luckily, the effects of curling my lashes seem to last for a couple of days on average.

eyelash curler.jpg

The eyelash curler is actually really easy to use! You can buy many different designs, but they all work pretty much the same way. I use this eyelash curler because the handles squeeze and there is no place to slip your fingers and thumb into, which means they won’t get caught, which means there is less change of tugging or pulling.

Hold the lash curler over your lid, and let your eyelashes pass in between the two metal bars. The soft, rubber-coated bar should be at the base of your lashes. Make sure all your lashes are coming out between the two bars, and squeeze the handles to clamp the two bars together. Do this slowly and carefully. If you are too close to your lash line, it might pinch your eyelid or lashes a little.

Squeeze down with firm pressure. I like to squeeze once and hold it for a few seconds, then open the curler and pull it just a little bit further away from my lash line and clamp again gently. Keeping it clamped, I tilt the lash curler upwards to get the most curl possible. Voila! Don’t forget the mascara to hold in the curl.

Curling my eyelashes makes a really big difference. It opens your eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter, and makes your lashes look even longer. If you have long lashes but they stick straight out, it’s difficult to tell how long they are from straight on.

Do you curl your eyelashes? What’s your experience with eyelash curlers, and do you have a favourite kind? Let me know in the comments!




Here is my before and after eyelash curling picture! I love that you can see more of my lashes after curling when you look at me straight on. It also keeps my lashes from tangling together and going in the wrong direction!




9 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Curling Your Eyelashes

  1. Beauty by Elise Kate says:

    I recently lived every girls nightmare and lost most of my lashes from my right eye in a freak lash curler incident! Im now sworn off them for life – which breaks my heart as It was such an important part of my makeup routine. It’s going to have to be lash perms for me from now on! (Well… Once the lashes have grown back)


    • Maeghan says:

      OMG! That sounds horrible!! That must have been painful. I once lost most of mine because I tried to remove extensions on my own without getting them removed properly by the person who applied them, but that was my own fault. I only use 3D fiber mascara now, no more extensions!


      • Beauty by Elise Kate says:

        It was a shock to say the least! I’ve been tempted to get lash extensions but think I’ll persevere and wait until they’ve grown back. Maybe even invest in some 3D Fibre lash, who knows?!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. AliciaaaDawnn says:

    Very interesting post! I don’t curl my eyelashes often since I have a little bit of a natural curl to my lashes. However when I do curl my lashes, I always pinch my eyelids a bit. But afterwards they look amazing and I’m always like, “Why don’t I do this more often?”


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