Younique Cash (FREE MAKEUP) for reaching Fast Start!

I have great news! I just reached my Fast Start achievement from Younique! This means that I will get a special Fast Start charm, and I now have $300 CAD in Y-cash in my account, which I will be able to redeem on any products I want! I’m so excited. I think I’ll buy some collections to get the most value for it.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get this far! I appreciate everyone’s support. If you would like to follow me on other social media, my Facebook page is Love Makeup Love Life, pinterest is maeghpie, instagram and twitter @maeghpie. If you send me a message or comment here I would love to follow you back!

A little more about how to reach Fast Start with Younique, from the Younique website:

Fast Start qualifications are based off the following 2 requirements if met within 90 days after signing up:

1. $2000 in Personal Retail Sales (PRS)
2. Sponsor at least 3 new Presenters
Once this is achieved, you will be sent a Fast Start Charm, and 250.00/US, 300.00/CAD, 325.00/AUS, 350.00/NZ £160.00/GBP Younique Cash automatically added to your Back Office.

That’s all! I sponsored my first presenter within a month of signing up, and my second 2 presenters signed up on the last day before my deadline to reach Fast Start! Talk about feeling anxious. I’m so thankful to them for helping me out and to have them on my team!

This is a link to more information about Younique and Fast Start.




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