Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss

Younique’s Lucrative Lip Gloss is honestly the best gloss I’ve ever used. Ever. I can’t stand sticky lip gloss, and every brand I’ve ever tried has claimed that their gloss is non-sticky, but it is almost never true, and I’ve been disappointed many times. I’m happy to say that Younique’s lip gloss is ACTUALLY NOT STICKY. It’s a dream come true, a miracle. Seriously.

lip gloss.jpg

It comes in 10 shades, some with shimmer and some without. The package is cute: rectangular, with a plain black matte top with the logo on one side. The rest of the tube is clear, with a high-quality (real, not plastic) mirror covering one entire side of the tube, which is so nice when you want to make a quick touch-up or even to quickly check the rest of your makeup. I love this picture of, which someone else made. When you get the gloss, it has a protective plastic covering over the mirror to prevent scratches. If you don’t realize it’s a covering, it looks like a really bad mirror. Just peel the plastic off and the mirror is clear and just as good as the one on my dresser or my bathroom cabinet!

This lip gloss is actually moisturizing. My lips are dry and sensitive, and I have a real problem with flaking, peeling lips (gross, I know). Many lip products meant to be moisturizing do moisturize my lips a bit but at the same time, make them peel and sloughs off the dry skin. It doesn’t matter how much I exfoliate my lips (or don’t) ahead of time. It’s very frustrating for me when I buy a lip product, whether it’s balm, gloss, lipstick, whatever, and it makes my lips flake and peel on top of being sticky. I’ve bought and thrown out/given away SO MANY lip products in search of something that won’t peel every layer of my lips off or stick to everything.

I was scared to try Younique lip gloss because I thought it might be sticky or make my lips peel/flake – but it doesn’t!! I was so excited, and still am, to have a lip gloss that doesn’t dry my lips out or make them peel, and isn’t sticky. It’s seriously the perfect lip gloss texture. On top of that, the shades are gorgeous and come in a variety of shimmer and non-shimmer. It’s not tested on animals, and the packaging is perfect with the mirror on the side. I can’t say enough about this lip gloss. I just love it! It also goes really well with our Precision Lip Pencils.

Younique lip gloss names 2

Luscious: deep wine/burgandy red, but not quite as bold as Lethal. No shimmer.

Lethal: true red. A true, real red. Very subtle gold shimmer.

Lavish: dark pink, with sparkly silver shimmer. See swatch.

Lovesick: sheer pink-red, with shimmer. See swatch.

Ladylike: a pink-red that’s not quite coral or orange, but kind of a “tropical punch” colour. No shimmer. See swatch.

Loveable: a true bubblegum pink. No shimmer. See swatch.

Luxe: a “your lips but better” nude/brown. No shimmer. See swatch.

Livid: light-medium brown/nude with shimmer.

Loyal: clear, with very subtle shimmer. See swatch.

Lucky: deep brown/nude, no shimmer.

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