My teammate Maeghan’s reward for hitting fast start!

My sponsor got me a cute gift for achieving Fast Start, in addition to the $300 in free makeup and the cute charm I got from Younique! Love my Y-sisters, there is so much support and encouragement in this company!


A friend of mine and fellow Younique sister worked her butt off in her first three months with the company, and she earned her fast start! She got enough sales to qualify, AND she added three brand new team members to her team.

I wanted to get her a little somethin’ somethin’ as a reward for that accomplishment, and the cute gift I had chosen was unavailable so we settled on this iron-on shirt decal! I mayyy or may not have gotten one for myself too lol *oops*.. I swear, my finger slipped and hit a button.. totally unintentional 😛

Congratulations Maeghan on rocking your business! I am looking forward to watching you grow even more 🙂

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