New Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes PLUS!

new younique moodstruck 3d fiber lashes plus

UPDATED: See the brand new formula for January 2016 right here (trust me, the newest formula is incredible)!


This is a HUGE DEAL!!! Our 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara has been COMPLETELY ENHANCED!

Our new 3D Fiber Lashes+ have officially launched for purchase as of July 15 2015! You can purchase your set here!

  • 2 international patents pending
  • Up to 400% more volume – 2000 % with 3 coats!
  • Fibers enhanced with uplift eye serum – yes! I’ve been saying since I started using it that the uplift serum has been helping my lashes look healthier!
  • New rayon fibers – best way to deliver the uplift and makes biggest visual difference. Rayon is plant-based, purified cellulose.
  • New applicator brush/wand – cone shape for more consistent, precise application, allows gel to be applied to all angles of the lashes.
  • New gel formula – no soy, parabens, sulphates. 100% hypoallergenic. Ophthalmologist tested!
    Same application technique
  • New tubes – clear packaging so it’s easy to visualise how much is left in your tubes!
    Comes with new, travel friendly fabric bag with snap – can be repurposed easily to hold your favourite cosmetics!
  • More recyclable – more environmentally friendly.
  • Made in the USA completely! Manufactured and packaged in USA. Better quality control and inventory.
  • SAME PRICE as the old 3D Fiber Lashes!

What are fiber lashes? 3D Fiber Lashes+ is a type of mascara, but it’s different from a regular mascara and gives you different results. It comes with 2 tubes. In one tube, gel similar to a regular mascara. In the second tube, fluffy fibers.

Step 1: apply the gel like regular mascara.
Step 2: apply the fibers using the same technique
Step 3: apply the gel again to seal in the fibers.

Voila! The fibers build on each other to elongate and volumize your lashes in ways regular mascara can’t!

100% hypoallergenic. Ophthalmologist tested. Water-resistant but wash off easily.

Purchase yours here!



PS – I made a video of the first time I ever used the new lashes right here so you can see them in action and find out how they work!


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