One of my favourite Sephora products!

I wanted to do a review of one of my favourite products from Sephora so far, the Pore Clarifying Mask. I just looked for it on the website and I can’t find it! I know they’ve added some new masks to their line recently, so maybe they discontinued this one? It came in a pouch, like a larger-size sample pouch, and had enough in it for at least 4 uses (and I applied it pretty generously). It makes your pores look smaller, and so my skin looked more matte and fresh, and the results lasted for a few days at least.
I’m so sad that I can’t find this, because not only did I want to do a review and provide the link for you, but also because I wanted to order it again! It’s so sad when you start to love a product and then you just can’t find it anywhere.
So I want to know, what products have you loved, from Sephora or elsewhere, that ended up being discontinued or unavailable later on?


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