Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel and Liner

brow liner2brow gel2


I’m not good at doing my eyebrows. It’s taken years for them to grow back after years of over-tweezing them, and I have to work really hard now to allow the natural shape to show while getting rid of the strays that don’t belong. But they’re still patchy and I honesty just love the look of shaped and filled brows!

Today I used 2 new products for the first time: Younique Moodstruck Brow Liner and Gel. The liner is similar to other brow liners. The liner is at one end, and it has a spoolie at the other end. I used the liner to outline above and below my brows, then used the spoolie to brush my eyebrows up and out a bit and soften those lines.Younique palette and brow gel and liner

The brow gel was really cool. It looks like a teeny-tiny mascara wand, and it looks like there isn’t much on it. I thought it might be a sticky gel like some of the clear gels I’ve tried before, but I was surprised. It felt mostly dry and not wet. It has tiny little fibers you can hardly see in the formula, and when I brushed it over my brows it totally filled in the patchy bits in a really natural-looking way. I don’t understand how they made it, but I love it!

I had to use the Dark shade because my brows are black naturally, but there is a Medium and a Light shade as well. I did my brows, took photos, then cleaned them off and took the video because I was so excited! I didn’t make them quite as precise in the video as when I first applied them, before taking the pictures, because I have a habit of rambling on in videos and I was trying to keep it short, lol!!

If you’re like me and are just terrible at doing your brows, or if your brows are always done and you just want to try something a little bit different, I definitely recommend trying this set! Each is available individually as well, but they work together so well in the set.

Gel and Liner Set (Dark)Gel and Liner Set (Medium)Gel and Liner Set (Light)

Gel (any shade)Liner (any shade)



light gel and linermedium gel and linerdark gel and liner


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