December Kudos and December Splurge Eye Shadows

I am so excited about this. Not only are the final 3 shades of Splurge Cream Eye Shadow available as of today, December 1, but this month’s Kudos ties in with it perfectly – and it’s amazing!!

When you buy a set of 3 Splurge cream shadows, you’ll get our liquid eyeliner for FREE! This liquid eyeliner is brand new from Younique, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen it! It’s a $21 US value, for free! Plus you save money off the full price of the Splurge cream shadow by buying the set of 3.

The 3 new Splurge cream shadow shade for December are gorgeous. Defiant is copper, Assertive is a rich emerald green, and Majestic is a beautiful mauve-purple.

When purchasing a set of 3 cream shadows to get the eye liner for free, you can choose any 3 of our 12 Splurge shades available.

I have been waiting for a Younique liquid eye liner for so long, and I’ve also been really excited about these new cream shadow shades, so this month’s Kudos deal is really, really exciting for me!

You can shop here!







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