Review: Dr Dennis Gross and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

This morning I tried samples of Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel, and of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Sin Therapy Oil.

I received the Dr Dennis Gross sample as part of a sample pack from Sephora, and the Palmer’s sample was from a magazine, I believe.

I have oily, acne-prone skin with a lot of scarring, mostly pink, and some faded and some indented. My skin actually needs a lot of moisture despite being prone to acne, so I have to be very careful in what products I choose. I use a prescription cream at night, so I like to cleanse well and use a good moisturizer in the morning. I find I do best with a gentle, foamy cleanser like the Illuminate Clean Facial Cleanser, and with a simple moisturizer like Spectro Gel lotion for acne-prone skin.

I’m always a bit nervous about trying new skincare products because I worry about breaking out, but it doesn’t stop me from trying something now and then. The peel is extra gentle for sensitive skin, and the oil looked very moisturizing, so I decided to try them together.

IMG_20151207_100600-2 (1).jpg


The Dr Dennis Gross skin peel is a two-step process. The first step, Exfoliate and Smooth, was a moist cloth you massage into your skin until the cloth is no longer moist. This took about 5 minutes for me, as the cloth was very moist at first. I was worried it might sting or burn, but it didn’t at all. Rubbing my face with the cloth for so long did really exfoliate it and turn my skin a bit pink but it didn’t feel very irritated, just like I’d used a scrub.

I waited the two minutes like it said in the directions, then used the second step, Firm and Lift. This was also a moist cloth, but the liquid had a lotion-y texture. I rubbed it all over for 5 minutes as well, until it was no longer moist. I could feel that it added a bit of moisture to my face. My skin was very pink at this point but it didn’t feel uncomfortable or painful at all.

My face felt very clean after using this! I’m sure it exfoliated better than some scrubs I’ve used, and my skin doesn’t feel irritated. It’s recommended to use daily, or every other day until your skin is used to it, and to follow up with a serum and moisturizer. I can’t see myself spending 10 minutes every morning using this product before my regular moisturizer, but it might be nice for a deep clean every once in a while. I would be interested to see what the results of using it regularly are.

It’s $88 US or $110 Canadian for 35 treatments, so it’s a bit out of my price range, and I am not extremely interested in anti-aging benefits yet, but I did enjoy trying this product. It’s available from Sephora here.



The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil for the Face was very moisturizing. As I said, I do need a lot of hydration although my skin is acne-prone. The directions say to apply a light layer, but it felt so nice and smelled so good (like rosehips) that I actually layered on quite a bit. I applied once and then went over it again 2 more times. It felt great on my face and neck and absorbed very well, so I think it delivered some much-needed moisture. I’m worried about breaking out due to it being an oil, but I think if I do break out, it will probably be because I used way too much, not because of the product itself. But it was worth it. And because it’s an oil it probably is good for my scars too!
I couldn’t find a price online, but I know the Palmer’s body lotions and creams are not very expensive, so I expect that this oil is a good price as well. When I went to their website,, there was a 20% off code in the description of the product. I couldn’t seem to add it to my cart though.


Of course my skin looked really shiny because of the oil, but it also feels very smooth and looks extra glowy to me. Once the oil has absorbed, I think my primer and makeup will apply really nicely for a good application.






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