What are you wearing NYE?

What are your plans New Year’s Eve? I work early in the morning on New Year’s Day, so I’ll just be stopping in at a friend’s party and heading home early (probably even before the countdown).

I love that on NYE it’s acceptable to wear anything sparkly and over-the-top. And I like my makeup to look perfectly sparkly too!

I have a gold sequin skirt I’m going to wear with opaque black leggings and my black Aldo wedge booties, and a plain top.

sequin skirtaldo wedge boot


For makeup I’ll go with my glittery Splurge cream shadows and liquid eyeliner. Right now there is a promotion where you get a free liquid eyeliner when you buy a set of 3 Splurge shadows. The deal runs out on December 31 so I’m stocking up now so I can try all 12 colours and not have to pay for eyeliner for a long time!

I made a little video about it to show you what it looks like. In it I’m wearing Splurge in Elegant, a sparkly champagne/gold, all over my lids, and Skeptical, a glittery black, as eyeliner.

Click here to get your free eyeliner and some shiny, lavish eye shadows!




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