12 Worst Things About Wearing Glasses

Obviously there are a lot of great things about glasses, like how good you look in them and that fact that you can see when you wear them. But if you wear glasses, you’ve definitely experienced at least one (or all) of the 13 things on this list.


Never being able to just lay your head down and relax or take a spontaneous nap without putting your glasses somewhere safe first.

frustrated glasses.gif


And not being able to do anything on your side. Being completely unable to watch TV, use your smartphone, or do anything else in that position. Because having your glasses crushed into your face is not cool.

Spiderman cries


When they look crooked on your face and you adjust them frantically only to discover that it’s actually your ears that are crooked. Seriously, one is higher than the other. Oh, and those permanent angry, red dents on either side of your nose that won’t go away no matter how often you have the nose pieces adjusted or take breaks from wearing them.

zoey glasses.gif


When people take your glasses, try them on, and making fun of you for how bad your vision is. “Wow, I can’t see anything with these on! Well, maybe if I focus really hard, but it’s giving me a headache!” Yeah, okay. Give them back now, because I actually can’t even see your face from here and it’s making me panic.

not impressed.gif


When they finally give them back and there is…. a fingerprint on the lens. Oh hell no. You took my glasses from me and now there are smudges on them? We aren’t friends anymore.

we aren't friends.gif


The constant fear of having anything touch your glasses. No spontaneous kisses or hugs without turning your head at just the right angle so your glasses don’t touch any part of the other person.

awkward hug.gif


Trying to clean your glasses with your shirt, only to realize that it’s the wrong material and that little smudge has spread over the entire lens and become a streaky, greasy hell.

andy crying.gif


Trying to do anything looking through the halos of glare caused by your dirty lenses.

angry marge.gif


Constantly reading about how people who wear glasses should, or shouldn’t, do their eye makeup. Nah. You do you, girl. Rock that glitter eye shadow with a killer wing and lashes out to here.

winged eyelienr.gif


The crushing realization that you’ve just sat, stepped, or laid down on your glasses.



The fact that you wear glasses means, obviously, that you have poor vision and can’t do everything you want to without them.

sad j lo.gif


Putting your glasses down and not being about to find them when you need them. This is the worst when you’re home alone and there is no one around to help you look for them.

can't see.gif
Oh, and how could I forget to mention… They’re expensive!! I guess that makes this the 13th worst thing about wearing glasses!


What would you add to the list?



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