2016 Younique Incentive Trip Announced!

The 2016 Younique Incentive Trip has just been announced! It’s a 4-night cruise for the presenter and her guest, to Cozumel, Mexico this October! Any presenter is eligible to earn this trip, including new presenters, so if you’re considering joining Younique, I urge you to register now so you can start earning points toward that trip!

Click here to register as a new Younique presenter!

The cruise isn’t the only thing you can earn as a presenter. You can earn $100 in Y-cash (FREE product) and a Younique-branded makeup trunk even if you don’t earn the cruise! If you earn the cruise, you will get a ticket for yourself AND a guest!! And for those who are real go-getters, you can even earn $150 US to use on-board! This is amazing. Who’s going to work toward this with me??

You can earn points by selling products and increasing in status!

If you earn the cruise: You will be invited to attend an exclusive cruise with Younique Founders, Derek and Melanie, around Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. Please note that you will be responsible to get yourself (and your guest) to and from the Miami, Florida, USA port, where the cruise ship docks and launches. There is no airfare allowance for this trip.

This is so exciting! I can’t wait to start earning those points. I really want that Y-cash and makeup trunk, and of course a cruise to Mexico for myself and my fiance!

If you’re ready to work for it, click here to register as a new presenter and get started!




2016 younique incentive trip cozumel mexico.jpg


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