I’m Engaged!

So, this is some huge news that I haven’t posted on my blog yet, but I’m really excited to share with you all. I am engaged to my boyfriend of 5 years! Sometime in the next couple of days, I will share the story of how we became engaged because it’s quite sweet. He did a great job choosing a ring and making the proposal special.

my engagement ring.jpg

I also need help deciding what to wear/how to do my hair/makeup for our engagement pictures tomorrow! Any ideas? I need the expertise of all you beauty bloggers and fashionistas!

I thought for makeup I should go with some neutral, simple makeup kind of like I did in this blog post…
IMG_20160107_110641 (2)

But I have no idea how to do my hair! It’s shoulder-length or a bit longer, with side bangs. I’ve just had it trimmed last week and I often wear it straight, but I wonder if I should do it straight or maybe do some soft waves/curls?

I’m doing a very neutral beige colour on my nails.

Also, what about an outfit? We are doing outdoor, winter engagement photos. I live on the east coast of Canada and the weather tomorrow is forecast to be only -4 C, which is just below freezing and actually fairly warm for this time of year. If there is a windchill like there has been the last few days, it could feel much colder.

But I don’t want to wear a bulky winter coat, etc.  I was hoping maybe I could wear skinny jeans with my knee-length brown boots over them, and I’m not sure what type of top. Long-sleeves with a scarf? A sweater? I don’t know!

My fiance will probably keep it simple in jeans and a sweater, and Converse or ankle boots depending on the snow and how cold it is.

I’ve just exfoliated with Clinique 7-day cream scrub and done a blackhead clearing strip, and tonight I’ll wax my brows etc. I’m so nervous and excited! Do you have any ideas?

I’ll definitely post pictures once I receive them!





9 thoughts on “I’m Engaged!

  1. everythingnothin says:

    AAAAAA how exciting love!!! Omgsh I am so happy for you!! PS you look gorgeous in the photo!! I would say a great outfit is an adorable sweater with leggings or jeans and cute boots of course!! They really make for great engagement photos. Or a cute dress with a warm cardigan, leggings or no leggings, and boots!! I just love how boots look in engagement photos haha! Love the ring and have to say it again…I am so excited for you!!

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