Wedding Planning – To Do My Own Makeup Or Not?

My wedding is this August. I am not a makeup artist, but I feel comfortable doing my own makeup, and several people have asked me if I’m going to do my own for my wedding.

I’d like to have a makeup artist do it if possible! I think it would be fun, and the bridesmaids might also want to have an artist do their makeup too. The only problem is – I want to use my own makeup. I don’t think the bridesmaids are worried about what type of makeup they use, but I already know what I want.

My skin is sensitive, and I don’t want to try anything new on my wedding day. Besides that, I’m an independent representative for a specific makeup brand, and I want to use that brand on my big day because it’s my favourite, and I already know what matches my skin.

I’m not sure what to do! One of the makeup artists I contacted seemed to think it was strange that I wanted to use my own makeup, and I can understand why she may have concerns about sanitation and not being familiar with the products and shades.

I think it would be fun to have someone do my makeup, I just want to use what I already know I like. My hairstylist offered to do it for me, but she is going to be quite busy doing hair for myself and 5-7 + others that day, so I don’t think she’ll have the time.

I’m wondering if any of you have done your own makeup for a big event like a wedding, prom, or photoshoot, etc. Were you happy with it? What were the challenges? Do you have any tips?



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10 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – To Do My Own Makeup Or Not?

  1. Shayy A. Martin (@shayym0817) says:

    I am going to do my makeup for my wedding coming up this September. I have always been the avid DIYer and I just can’t imagine having to spend a huge amount of money on something that I have confidence doing on my own.

    I have received a bunch of tips and tricks along the way that helped me tons. I’ll also post some stuff from Pinterest that also might be a wonderful help. Sorry for the super long post, but I wanted to give as much help as I can in one shot.

    1) If you do decide to wear your own make-up, make sure to get a high quality camera and take pictures of yourself in different lighting. That way you can see what your look will look like before your big day.
    2) Do not try any new products at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding, that includes skin care products. You don’t want to risk it not looking right or having a reaction to it.
    3) Make sure that you understand make-up basics (like application, blending and placement) as much as you start the products.
    4) Practice is perfect. Make sure that you don’t leave your makeup trials to the last minute. Decide the look on what you want and practice often. YouTube can be your BFF in this instance (Lauren Curtis, Sona Gasparian, Teni Panosian are all great examples)

    Good Luck!

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    • Maeghan says:

      Thank you so much!! It’s great to see that I am not the only one contemplating doing my own makeup. I feel a lot better now! I have watched a few bridal makeup applications on YouTube and I think I’m going to start testing them in the coming weeks. Taking photos with a good camera is a great idea!! Sometimes makeup looks different on film and in person than we think it does in the mirror. I’m going to read those articles and pin them now so I don’t lose them. Thank you!


      • Shayy A. Martin (@shayym0817) says:

        That’s no problem! I also came across a hidden gem recently on YouTube as well. His name is Jordan Liberty. For a makeup artist, he really does give nice tips and tricks to use. As much as I like makeup from Instagram, It might be a bit too much for my wedding. So, his tricks has really helped. He is also a photographer, so he knows what will show up on camera and what will not.

        Also, be sure that for engagement and wedding photos. Be sure to carry blotting sheets, M.A.C’s Fix+ or Rosewater to help refresh your makeup, any makeup compacts, a mirror, any lipstick to reapply if needed and lash glue if you are wearing lashes for that day. A hair brush is also needed. Just in case the wind decides to get you. (Recently took engagement photos and the wind got me good) If I have anything else to add, I’ll let you know as well.

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      • Maeghan says:

        Thank you!! I’ll have to check him out. I agree, instagram makeup looks great but it’s often over-the-top and not wearable, especially for a wedding! Blotting sheets will be a must for sure as it’s in August and sure to be humid! I like the suggestion of rosewater too. I think I’ll use setting spray to hold everything in place and bring rosewater, blotting sheets, and my powder compact as well as my lipstick etc. I’m thinking of making a little kit similar to the minimergency ones you can buy from sephora, with gum, safety pins, nail files, etc. Those little things that you may end up really needing. And I’ll store my makeup in another little bag!


  2. Wayward in Wonderland says:

    I would DEFINITELY recommend that you do your own makeup. I am one of those people that can be so picky about the way that my makeup looks and I know my face better than anyone else. I know that it can seem a little scary to rely on yourself for such a big day, but to be honest, doing my makeup in the morning was so relaxing to me and it made me feel so in control and safe. I highly recommend that you do it yourself 🙂

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    • Maeghan says:

      Thank you!! That makes me feel better! I also am pretty picky about what my makeup looks like and I know if I weren’t happy with something that it would bother me all day. While it would be fun to have someone do it for me, it is a relaxing part of what I do to get ready most days so I think you’re right about that! I couldn’t decide if I was crazy or not for wanting to do it myself, but I’m definitely doubting it less now! I think I will do it myself!

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      • Plot Twist says:

        Yayyy! Well good luck and I hope that your wedding goes wonderfully! It rained on my wedding day and it was still one of the most exciting and quickest days of my life, so make sure you take time to breathe and really just take everything in while you are there in the moment! ❤

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      • Maeghan says:

        It’s so much work to plan, but I’m sure the day itself will go by quickly! I keep reminding myself not to get too caught up in the details, because everything other than the ceremony is basically just a big, important party/celebration to plan! The venue is outside in a little courtyard but it’s set up in such a way that if it does rain, it will still be beautiful and we won’t have to move it! There is a cover over part of it. I’m really excited. Thank you!!


  3. Plot Twist says:

    Yeah, I put way too much faith in the fact that it wouldn’t rain and it ended up raining anyway so we had to move it inside which was a total bummer. 😦 BUT at the end of the day, you get to marry your best friend, so the small details that seem to mean so much really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, so like you said, don’t get too caught up in the details 🙂

    Have a wonderful time 🙂

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