Younique Liquid Foundation all back in stock

Guess what, ladies? April 25 2016 is the day – ALL Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation shades will be back in stock! The only 3 that aren’t available yet are Organza, Chiffon, and Satin. I know a lot of you have been waiting for these shades!

Get your Younique Liquid Foundation here!

It’s a smooth foundation that goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish. Optical diffusers blur imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores. No touch-ups necessary. Shake well before using (empty the dropper first),then dot on using the Liquid Foundation brush or fingers.

Each shade corresponds with our Skin Perfecting Liquid Concealer, Pressed Powder Foundation, and Cream Foundation.

If you need help with colour matching, contact me here or send me an email at



april 25 younique liquid foundation.jpg


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