Happy LPN Day!

happy LPN day.jpg

Happy LPN Day to all of the LPNs and RPNs out there! I just graduated in June 2015, and I consider myself so lucky to have a job in the area I wanted. Not only did I get to stay close to home, but I have a job in the department I wanted to work in as well.

I’ve included a few pictures from my pinning ceremony and graduation last year. I can’t believe it was a year ago already!



Pinning Ceremony 32.jpg

After the pinning ceremony. My fiance, Chris, has been there to support me every step of the way, through all the ups and downs of school and beyond.

Pinning Ceremony 74.jpg

Walking out after the pinning ceremony. I have lots of photos taken with my classmates and my family, and they’re all really special to me. But there’s something about this picture that captures my joy really well. I’m laughing at something my mother has said as Chris and I walk to the car. We’re about to go out for celebratory frozen yogurt, and I don’t take my hat off until long after I get home.


Chris and I after my graduation ceremony, a couple of weeks after pinning. I was officially a Graduate Practical Nurse with Honours! I started working as a GPN and wrote the national exam in September 2015, and became a Licensed Practical Nurse.


My grad photos were taken at the beginning of my second year at college. This is one of my favourites.


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