July 2016 Kudos!

OMG! The July Kudos is so perfect!
You get
🌞 Beachfront Self Tanning Spray
🌞 Beachfront Body Bronzer
💋 Lip Bon Bon
👆 Uplift Eye Serum!!!
😁 FREE Beach Tote!!
For $99 US when you order the Flawless Glow collection!!
Thats $151.00 worth of products AND a free Beach tote!!!💓
Plus you get to pick your colors!!
The last collection we had like this SOLD OUT in 1 day… So we’ll see what happens with this one!!
I’m almost out of self-tanner and Uplift, and I always need more lip balm, obviously! And I can’t wait to have this bag for the beach!! Honeymoon here I come!!
Order your July 2016 Flawless Glow kudos here!
July Kudos 1


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