Free July Beach Tote Bag

So the other day I got my July Kudos in the mail, which is a bundle of products that come at a discount and includes a free beach bag! The bag is huge, and has a pocket on the front and back as well as two pockets and a large zippered pocket on the inside. The products are the Self-Tanning Spray, the Body Bronzer, a Lip Bonbon, and Uplift Eye Serum. I can’t believe what a good deal this was and that the bag comes on top of it!

See the July Kudos and beach bag here!



july kudos tote bag.jpg

It’s the perfect size!

july kudos products

All of the products shown here EXCEPT the Shine cloths come with the bag: a Lip Bonbon, Uplift Eye Serum, Beachfront Body Bronzer, and Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray!

july kudos pockets.jpg

Tons of pockets!!


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