Review: Lush Luxury Bath Oil in Razzle Dazzle

I purchased the Razzle Dazzle Luxury Bath Oil from Lush this summer. Here is a link to the product details. I would not recommend the luxury bath oil to anyone! It got all over everything, and the bag it came in was totally greasy. The water turned pink, which was pretty, but it also stained my skin pink, and left a horrible pink ring in my bathtub and stained my shower curtain liner (none of my bath bombs have done that)!

I’ve been trying to get the stains out of the tub and off the shower curtain liner, and though the tub is clearing up, it looks like my shower curtain is going to stay pink! It wasn’t very moisturizing or very fragrant. I have another scent which I purchased at the same time and I’m thinking I may just throw it out to avoid the mess. Extremely disappointed in this purchase!

Have you tried the Luxury Bath Oils from Lush?



Lush Luxury Bath Oils.jpg


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