New Splash Liquid Lipstick Kudos Oct 1

This is by far one of my favourite monthly specials yet! I’m so excited for the new Splash liquid lipsticks which were just released today. They’re are highly-pigmented, matte liquid lipsticks that last all day. They’re wax-free, and contain vitamin C and E to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. The lip exfoliator is made with shea butter and sugar, and melts into your lips to smooth them. Exfoliating your lips before applying lip colour makes your lip colour more vibrant, and will help it last longer.lip exfoliator.jpg

When you purchase a Splash Liquid Lipstick set of three (for a discounted price), you’ll receive the new Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator for FREE! This is for October only. I want every shade, but I think for my first set of 3, I’ll get Stoic, Sensual, and Stubborn! ❤



Splash Liquid Lipstick shades.jpg


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