NEW Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ January 2016

There is a brand-new Younique fiber mascara! This will replace the old Moodstruck 3D
Fiber Lashes+ formula. This mascara has the same name, and the same packaging, but the formula is completely different! The original Younique fiber mascara, which was available when I found the company in 2015, was my favourite! In July of 2015 it was reformulated, but there were some problems with that formula not lasting as long as it should have. Younique heard our comments and has spent the last year and a half creating the best formula yet! It’s available January 2, 2016. It’s long-lasting, smooth, and creates incredible volume and length! It’s even better than the original, my previous favourite.

Learn more about the brand new fiber mascara formula here, and click here to purchase your set! There is a 14-day, money-back, Love It Guarantee, so you can try them risk-free!

New Mascara Details.jpg

What makes the new formula better

New Mascara Applicators.jpg

New applicators for the gel and the fibers



My results the first time I tried this new formula. My lashes were touching my glasses and poking out over top!





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