Moroccanoil Hair Care First Impression and Review


I recently received an amazing Moroccanoil set from my salon, Pure Bliss Nail Studio & Spa! (I highly recommend Tabatha – I’ve been seeing her for 8 years now!) It was a like and share contest on Facebook, which I often enter, never expecting to win! I picked up my Moroccanoil tote bag full of full-sized goodies on Tuesday after work, and I was shocked at what was in there! I received a shampoo, conditioner, intense hydrating mask, dry shampoo, dry texture spray, hydrating styling cream, and a treatment – all in a Moroccanoil tote bag. WOW! All of the Moroccanoil products can be found on their website here.

I couldn’t wait to try these products out, because I am a big fan of the Moroccanoil treatment. In fact, I asked my husband to buy me a mini one when I got a trim last week, and he did! So I’m stocked up on hair care for quite a while now. On Wednesday afternoon, I started using some of my goodies.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo (250 ml)

First, I washed my hair with the Moisture Repair Shampoo, for weakened and damaged hair. My hair definitely fits into that category. It’s color-safe (though my colour is natural), and sulfate, phosphate, and paraben-free. Yay! The back of the bottle says it is “a gently cleansing, fortifying formula that rebuilds dmaged hair with antioxidant-rich argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids. To restore elasticity, moisture, and shine.” Sounds like exactly what I need! First, the scent is amazing, without being too strong. If you’ve tried the original Moroccanoil treatment, you’ll recognize the warm, rich, spa-like scent, but it’s a bit lighter. The formula was quite thick, which meant I didn’t need a lot to wash all of my hair. It foamed really well – something I’ve noticed most sulfate-free shampoos lack. It left my hair feeling soft and detangled.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner (250 ml)

The description on the back of this bottle is quite similar to that of the shampoo. It says to apply from scalp to ends, and leave on for 1-2 minutes, which I did. Again, it’s quite thick, and it stayed where I put it without slipping off, meaning I didn’t need to use a lot of product. The same heavenly smell met my nose. My scalp is very dry (despite being oily and having oily hair, my scalp is often rough and itchy). I definitely rubbed a lot into my scalp, hoping it will condition the skin there as well.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask (30 ml)

I followed up the conditioner by towel-drying my hair and applying the mask. Once again, the formula is very thick and rich, and I didn’t need much product. I combed it through my hair and left it on for about 5 minutes, approximately. The package says to leave it on for 5-7 minutes and use 1-2 times weekly, less frequently as hair improves. This package is only 30 ml, but I can tell that it will last me at least a few treatments. I used probably 1/3 or 1/4 of the package (and my hair is past my shoulders), and I think I’ll have enough for at least 2 or more uses. After rinsing, my hair felt so soft and smooth, even wet.

Moroccanoil Treatment for all hair types (25 ml)

The classic Moroccanoil treatment I know and love! I waited until my hair was about 50% air-dryed, then smoothed a dime-sized amount through my hair, focusing on ends. The scent is a bit stronger in the treatment, when compared to the shampoo and conditioners. It’s still not strong enough to be offensive, in my opinion. It smells so warm and cozy. It makes my hair shiny and even softer!

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream (300ml)

Designed for all hair types, but especially thick and dry hair, this “formula eliminates frizz, adds definition and shine, while the pure argan oil conditions and hydrates the hair. A versatile product that helps hair conform to styling.” The bottle says to apply a small amount to damp or dry hair and style as usual. The website boasts that it’s a great blow-drying tool, and adds definition and soft hold. I wondered if it would be okay to use it when I already had the treatment in my hair, but the video on the website said to combine it with the Moroccanoil Treatment for extra control while blow-drying. Great! I applied one pump to my hair, but avoided putting much on my roots. The video also said you can apply one pump to dry hair from mid-length to ends, to tame fly-aways, and reapply as needed throughout the day. I blow-dried my hair, which didn’t take much time at all. My hair was soft and I did have a small amount of frizz, which was mostly taken care of when I straightened my hair. I didn’t apply any more of the cream because I didn’t feel the need to, but if your hair is quite dry you may want to. My hair is now shiny, silky, and oh-so-soft!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo – Dark Tones (65 ml, 48g)

The next day, I tried the dry shampoo. I usually prefer loose powder dry shampoos, like Bumble and Bumble’s prêt-à-powder or Lush’s No Drought, but I was still excited to try this one. Just like the directions said to, I sprayed it into my roots, let it dry, massaged in like wet shampoo, and brushed it out. I have to say, this is the most effective dry shampoo spray I’ve ever used, and it didn’t leave my hair feeling gross or full of product like other sprays have in the past. That’s actually why I switched to powder dry shampoos. It’s for dark hair, and while it did leave some white spots, they disappeared as soon as I massaged it in, and there was no trace of colour on my hands. My roots actually felt clean, but not dried out. My hair was still soft and silky, without being greasy.

Dry Texture Spray (205 ml, 153g)

The day after I tried the dry shampoo, I washed my hair with the regular shampoo and conditioner, dried it, and tested the dry texture spray. It sprays on to add texture to your hair. It definitely added texture to my hair, but I felt it lost some of its shine, and made it difficult to brush through. The main use I think this product would serve is when you want to put your hair up, but it’s “too clean” and is slippery. I think it would be great for styling updos. I usually just wear my hair straight, or in a ponytail/bun. My hair holds a curl well, but if yours doesn’t, this product might help curls stay in longer. I would also use it if I wanted to braid my hair. I probably won’t use it often, but it does work well. I just don’t do upstyles very often.


I think these are all great products and would highly recommend them. I will definitely purchase the ones I use often when I run out. I’m so impressed with the difference in my hair after just a couple of shampoos! Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any favourite hair products from Morrocanoil or other lines?





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