Flawless Four – Concealer, Primer, Brush, & Free Foundation!

So the April 2017 Kudos from Younique is pretty amazing, especially for those of you who have been curious about our liquid foundation or any of our other products. For $99 US or $119 CAD (click here to see the price in your country – just change the flag in the top right corner), you’ll get a liquid foundation, liquid concealer, primer, and foundation brush. That’s like getting the liquid foundation for free and still saving $1 on top of it!

  1. The Touch Glorious Face Primer prepares your skin for makeup by smoothing, filling in pores and uneven areas, and makes your skin extremely soft. It helps your makeup apply smooth and last longer.
  2. The Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation applies as a liquid and dries to a powdery finish, blurs imperfections, and minimizes wrinkles and pores.
  3. The Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer covers blemishes, scars, even tattoos. It’s water-resistant and takes your coverage from great to even better. It matches the liquid foundation shades to make color matching easy.
  4. The Liquid Foundation Brush is soft and has a recessed area in the center, to allow you to adjust the amount of coverage you want. It’s easy to apply your foundation using this brush.

There are 13 shades of foundation and concealer. To color match, click here to take the quiz.

And if you aren’t sure, feel free to email me at n.maeghan@gmail.com for extra help!

There is a 14-day money back guarantee on all Younique products, so if you need to swap shades or you just aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return it! SHOP HERE!

For super full coverage, add the corresponding shade of Touch Mineral Powder Foundation to set your Flawless Four and give your coverage an extra boost!

Here are a couple of my before and after photos using the “Flawless Four” set (I wear Velour, for light skin with warm/yellow undertones):




younique foundation shade 2.jpg


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