Nude liquid lipsticks for June!

This month’s special is 3 liquid lipsticks and a lip liner bundle for a great discount, plus – new nude and pink lipstick shades! I’ve been waiting for some pale colours since the Splash Liquid Lipsticks launched last fall, and they’re finally here!

These are the gorgeous 6 new shades:

These are the original 10 shades:

These are the 10 lip liner​ shades:

These liquid lipsticks feel like velvet when you apply them, and are so light, you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. They’re extremely pigmented, so you barely need to use any product, and they last longer than the regular lipsticks. Apply a smooth layer, blot it with a tissue, and go!

Of course, they’re covered by the 14-day money-back guarantee, like all our products. Check them out on my website here:

More swatches:

Here’s me wearing one of my favourite shades, Sentimental. I can’t wait to try the new nude shades that are on their way to me!


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