So You’re Having an Online Party?

First of all, thanks so much for hosting an online party with me! I’m really excited to get this party going and to help you earn some FREE makeup and skincare! Here I’ve compiled a collection of my photos and some things you can post in the event to boost interaction in your party. Don’t just copy and paste – edit my paragraphs a little bit to make them your own! Your friends know you, and they know when you’re being genuine. So feel free to post a picture and some information in your event any time, just don’t forget to make them your own!

Some tips for hosting your party – message friends who may be interested. A personal message is a really nice touch, and will make them more interested in your party. People like being invited to things personally, rather than just being added to a group. This is why I run my parties in events rather than groups, so guests have the option to opt in or out, but a message is really nice too!

If you have some Younique products at home, feel free to snap a few selfies and post them in the event! Don’t be shy. These are your friends, and they want to know what you use and what you think of it!