My name is Maeghan and I’m an Exemplary Pink Status Younique presenter. I started my business in February 2015 because I LOVE makeup! I had just started using this brand and was impressed by everything I had tried, so I bought the starter kit and got a ton of amazing makeup at a great price.

But that wasn’t all I got. I received support and training from the company and a team of women all over the world who uplift each other with friendship and encouragement. I work my business part time and I’m pleased to say that starting my own little makeup business was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I then found out that Younique was created to fund a foundation for women who were sexually abused as children. The foundation sends women on retreats for counselling, to meet other women, and to heal. This is such a good cause and it is close to my heart.

I’m not a makeup artist. Anyone who loves makeup and social media and has determination and focus can succeed in their own makeup business. If this sounds like you, contact me – I’d love to help change your life!

See the starter presenter kit here!



Younique is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, and France, and will be available in Hong Kong later in 2016. If you’re in any of these places, send me a message because you are eligible to be a part of my team!


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